Recognize every customer. Personalize every experience.

What if you could recognize and engage with each customer while they are right in front of you even if they don’t have your app and didn’t join your loyalty program?

uKnomi seamlessly recognizes customers, tracks visits, orders, and preferences. Our solutions empower your team with personalized scripts and orders, boosting your drive-thru service. Experience swift, precise orders, smoother interactions, and deeper customer connections. They'll leave with a smile, thinking, "you know me!"

Equip your team with a returning customer's usual order and a personal script to speed up the line and make an emotional connection.

If this describes your drive-thru

Then you need uKnomi

Recognize your customer.
Track each drive-thru experience.

uKnomi’s frictionless API digitally enhances the physical guest journey with seamless integration to menus, POS, digital order and loyalty apps.

If you know when I arrive, what I usually order, my taste preferences, and how long I’ve been waiting today, then you know me, can make an emotional connection with me, and personalize my experience.

Returning Customers

Queue Time

Loyal Customers

This is uKnomi. We make every drive-thru experience personal.