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Customers are loyal to brands that know them and that's where uKnomi comes in.

We always question the status quo and have a passion to make it better.

Our mission is to equip your team to recognize every drive-thru customer and personalize every experience so they leave thinking “you know me”.

Our Story

In recent years, restaurants have undergone major changes due to the rise of off-premise dining and mobile app interactions. We've embraced this shift, improving drive-thru and curbside operations without costly upgrades. As frequent customers of fast-casual dining ourselves, the uKnomi team has discussed our own experiences in this new landscape, inspiring the creation of 'uKnomi'.

Think about it: when using a drive-thru, why repeat orders and feel frustrated? And why are orders often wrong at the pickup window? Despite being regulars—visiting a specific restaurant two or three times weekly—why aren't we recognized as valued customers? Why call and wait when arriving for curbside pickup? Could they not detect our arrival and prepare our order?

To thrive now, restaurants must grasp customer preferences. At uKnomi, we provide AI/ML and IoT solutions to identify patrons and personalize their off-premise dining, offering the experience they deserve.

We brought together a team of people with a passion for food, service and technology, and the result was uKnomi!

Our Approach

At uKnomi we leverage our expertise in recognition, AI, and personalization technologies to equip brands to recognize each customer, connect with personal interactions, and engage with in-the-moment relevant rewards.





We are uKnomi. We make every drive-thru experience personal.